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Life is an adventure. It a beautiful crazy journey that helps us learn and grow through ups & downs, struggles & achievements, and sorrows & happiness. It is up to us how we choose to live our lives. Every moment we have the opportunity and power to choose a happy life that impacts our body, mind, and soul. Our choices determine how we enjoy the present moment and build our future. Contrary to popular belief, it is very simple to create a beautiful life through optimism, love, and kindness.

As conscious beings, we are wired to have a quenching thirst to grow and improve ourselves every time the sun rises. Being human, we simply cannot be content with being stagnant. We need to move forward and improve different aspects of our lives. Whether our life is a joyful adventure or a terrifying nightmare is determined by our daily habits, passions, routines, practices, and actions. It is on us how we choose to live. It is on you what you want your life to be. Realizing this truth can empower you to take charge and seek opportunities to bring about the much-needed positive changes in your life.

So you want to live a more healthy life? Join a weight loss program, go to the gym, take up Yoga or simply look for health tips online. Do you want more work-life balance? Start getting up early, practice meditation
and boost your concentration. Not only it will help you reduce stress, but you will be able to get more mental and physical energy to finish your work faster and spend more time with your loved ones. The more you are aware of what you want your life to be, the more positive actions you will take to make it happen. It doesn’t take much to live a fulfilling life. Instead of going for happy hours, spend some time pursuing your hobbies. Consciously decide to eat healthier, sleep more and live a more active life. The mindful living will not only improve your inner well being but also help you become more loving, caring and kind. Once you have the awakening and awareness, the possibilities will be endless.

Living a better life starts with healing
yourself, your mind, body, and spirit. You can choose to be who you are right now or decide to take positive action. There is no shortcut to a happy life. It will be challenging as you will need to stop pursuing all your negative habits that you have enjoyed for so many years. All you need are determination, will power and the right motivation to take the first step. Living a happy life is mainly about experiencing the present moment without worrying about the past or the future.

In this page, you will find a selective list of hand-picked articles and blogs to help you live a better life in all aspects.
If you are wondering how you can build a better, happier and more meaningful life, then this is surely the right place for you to get started.


Stress Among Adolescents and Ways Overcome Them

5 Causes of Stress Among Adolescents and Ways To Overcome Them

Stress among adolescents is soaring high nowadays, giving way to childhood depression, suicidal ideation, anxiety and cyber- crime.