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Are you a lightworker? Or are you an old soul? Are you looking for enlightenment? Is your intuition telling you to be more spiritual? Being spiritual means to be loving and kind, first to yourself, and then towards others. Different people can perceive spirituality in different ways. But to put it simply, spirituality means putting your trust in God, the Universe, Nature, the One Creator or whatever you may call it, and connecting to higher consciousness. Being spiritual does not necessarily mean giving up on your materialistic life and living in isolation.
Being spiritual means, you care about the planet, the animals you share this planet with and the people you are connected with. A spiritual individual understands that we are all connected to the source, that is the One Creator. Spirituality is not as same as religion, although some people might use it interchangeably. But one can approach the realm of spirituality by practicing religion with faith, yoga, meditation, personal reflection or simply by being in nature.
Spirituality refers to a particular way of being and is not related to a particular practice. You can do a number of things to become spiritual. When you nurture your body, mind, energies, emotions, and soul by a certain level of understanding and maturity, you will experience something like never before. This is spirituality. By developing a matured rationale, you will be able to observe yourself, the world and the universe in a whole new light.
When you experience something that is much bigger than your own self, you will become truly spiritual. When you experience life as an awe-inspiring power resulting in a peaceful experience filled with bliss, you will become open to a new understanding of life. You need to realize that spirituality is within you. There is no need to look for it in the Himalayas or in a monastery. You are the greatest creation of the Universe. Everything that there is in this world, is within you as we are all one. When you understand this simple concept, you will become spiritual.
When we talk about spirituality and enlightenment, most of us immediately think of Lord Buddha and meditation. You can certainly practice meditation, yoga and other similar practices like empowering your aura and activating your seven chakras to reach a higher level of consciousness. But you need to feel it from inside. It is mainly a state where you feel your deepest self connected with The Creator or God or the Universe. You simply need to follow your intuition and feel a higher presence within yourself.
There are several practices that can help you explore your spirituality. In this page, you can find crucial information regarding spirituality and how you can become more spiritual. You can explore valuable articles and blogs on various important topics and concepts like a guardian angel, the meaning of numbers, blood moon, wolf, twin soul, the meaning of dreams and how they are all tied to your spiritual self.


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