50 Red Hot Conversation Starters To Spice Up Your Date

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Great conversation starters can fuel up a date and lead to meaningful conversations and a deeper relationship.

A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it was an invitation to consider the matter. – Lois McMaster Bujold

There you go! Let’s admit it, we all want to make a good impression the first time we go for a date. It takes a considerable amount of time to know a person inside out but to spark it off further, you need to go beyond the surface. If you really want to set fire to your first date, how you converse and connect to the person is equally important alongside the way you present yourself. 

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One crappy conversation can destroy the chances of a potentially steaming hot chemistry. To keep things a little flirty, a little intellectual, a little humorous and light-hearted, these ice-breakers will save you from the awkward silences that too often fill a date.  

Here’s a compilation of 50 fun and interesting conversation starters that will stir the surface and let you go a bit deeper into the psyche of your date.

Be sporty and gear up!

50 fun and interesting conversation starters

For the general or initial phase of conversation build-up:

1. Which five words would you use to describe yourself?

2. What is that one thing which is unique about you?

3. Would you recognize yourself as more of an extrovert or an introvert?

4. What are some of your least favorite qualities about yourself?

5. What are some of your most favorite qualities about yourself?

6. Given a choice would you prefer to travel or stay at home?

7. What is your favorite pastime?

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8. What is that one thing people instantly notice about you?

9. What’s something which I can’t guess about you?

10. What are some of your favorite tv series?

11. What is your favorite dish to cook?

12. What is your all-time favorite song/writer/book/movie?

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13. What is that one thing which you appreciate in other people?

14. Which was the last movie/tv series you watched?

15. Do you believe in zodiac signs and astrology?

16. What is your pet peeve/s?

17. Who’s your celebrity crush?

18. Which quality in a person do you hate the most?

19. Which feature in a person’s external appearance catches your attention the most?

20. What is the first thing you notice about someone when you meet them for the first time?

For a little personal or the middle phase of conversation build-up:

21. What is that book which has left a mark on your life?

22. Do you have any long term dreams and wishes?

23. What are the things you value in life?

24. What is that one thing for which you can sacrifice everything?

25. What do you look for in a person when you want a deeper connection?

26. What are the things that make you happy?

27. Have you ever had a really awkward date?

28. How have you changed over the last 10 years?

29. What does success mean to you?

30. What is the worst pick up line pulled on you?


For a more personal or the final phase of conversation build-up:

31. What is your biggest deal-breaker in a relationship?

32. What qualities do you prefer in a person you date?

33. What is your biggest regret in life?

34. What are your ideas about marriage?

35. Which year has been the best year of your life so far?

36. Which incident has been the biggest turning point in your life?

37. What is more important to you — doing what you love, or doing what you’re good at?

38. What makes you feel discouraged?

39. What are your biggest fears?

40. What are your biggest insecurities?

41. How would your ex describe you?

42. What’s your idea of a perfect first date?

43. What is that something you wish you had?

44. Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

45. If someone cheated on you, what would you do?

46. Who is your go-to person?

47. What is that something you wish you did but couldn’t?

48. How do you cope up with negative emotions?

49. How romantic are you on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being not romantic at all?

50. What is the most touching thing someone has ever done for you?


Alongside these questions, another most important thing to keep in mind is how you listen to the answers. To win over someone’s impression on the first date itself, carry a positive, welcoming and warm demeanor. The more aloof, uninterested and cold you appear, the lower will be your chances of enjoying an engaging and exciting date. 

The flow of conversation depends not only on the quality of the question but also it’s timing and how attentive you are when the other person is speaking.

Go ahead and make your date a whole lotta fun with these spicy conversation starters and let me know in the comments section if it worked! 

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50 Red Hot Conversation Starters To Spice Up Your Date

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