Cute Things Your Sign Does

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Cute things your sign does:

Aries: that incredible cute crazy laugh
they get when something funny happens.

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Taurus: when they pull you In
for a long hug that turns to a 3 hour hug.

Gemini: when they are enjoying themselves so much
and they have that permanent smile and dancy personality.

Cancer: their eyes are just wow,
so much emotion so deep.

Leo: that smirk they do when something is funny
and it gradually turns Into a massive smile
with a musical laugh.

Virgo: when they are so focused on something
and they start mouthing their thoughts to themselves
it’s just so cute aW.

Libra: they way they can just walk In and flaunt their
style and makeup because damn they worked hard for It
and they know they look fineee.

Scorpio: that look of passion when they looking at someone
or something.

Sagittarius: how they just run around
with no caution and do What they want to do fuck
what anyone else thinks.

Capricorn: when they are in love, literally everything about them
changes their whole face goes from normal to light
and romantic.

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Aquarius: when they are speaking about something true to them
or slightly weird and they just carry on without a care.

Pisces: the look they give people that they love or mean
a lot to people, when they cover their mouth with their
hand when they laugh.

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