My Message To Women Who Are Struggling With Their Insecurities

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Dear ladies,
You are such a powerful woman but you do not know it or maybe you do but you are not sure the fullness of who you are.
What others think and say about you matters to you, or seeking approval and affirmations to others. The way you think and act is not healthy anymore. This message is for all women who are struggling with their insecurities.
First, love yourself because nobody else can be with you but YOURSELF! It’s easier of being said than done but your only option is to do it.
Second, do things that are close to your heart because life is too short. You can do everything you want because you are capable and nobody can stop you.
Third, you are already perfectly exceptional in your own way. Don’t waste every second wishing to be somebody because YOU CAN’T!  Instead, believe in yourself because you are doing great.
Fourth, embrace your imperfections and acknowledge your failures. Use them as a silver lining to make a big difference to others.
Fifth, don’t be pressured if others are ahead of you. You have nothing to rush girl because life is not all about race. If it’s your time, you shine.
Sixth, walk by faith not by fear to lead you in the brighter path.
Seventh, learn to be thankful for whatever comes in your life and don’t take it for granted because not everyone is as fortunate as you are.
Lastly, don’t forget to spread positivity everywhere you go and the world will smile you back.
In doing so, these will make you an empowered woman.
-By Bree Alm
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