The outward appearance Of sisterly concerns

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Sherry Greene

The outward appearance
Of sisterly concerns
Can hide the true intention
Of wickedness that burns.

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Mary Theresa

Takes One
To Know One.

Debra Pry

Your most trusted friend
can also be your worst enemy.

Felicia Holmes
Felicia Holmes

What is presented,
Is not all that is present.

Karthik Parthasarathy
Karthik Parthasarathy

Cordial on the outside,
Shady on the inside.
Not all relationships,
But a few, mostly blips.
Beware of them,
Identify them from the gem.
Possible, leave them aside,
Along the way, by the way side.

Rinku Shah

Cordial on the outside,
Enough of masking emotions,
Shadows are on a revolution.
Camaraderie has lost its authenticity,
Relationships are full of toxicity.
Let the real YOU surface…
Each of us have a unique purpose!

M Jeyaram

Cuddle cuddle outside
yet hiss hiss and slither inside.
Hate me not outside
and love me not inside.
We have no norm to speak of venom
of animals as we spit it
on other fellow beings
every moment upon meeting them,
though with sugar-coated words
to kill them feigning humanity.

Severina Afrodita

Passing gossip as we held hands.
We deserved to be best friends
Until I woke up from a dream.
I realized what I have been.
I chose to stay away from her.
Old emotions not to stir.
My time with her was a grave mistake.
Now I’m not that nasty snake.

Sarrvesh Waran

In a friendship full of lies,
There may be a sinister in disguise.
Anytime, anywhere
Betrayal may hiss.
Be cautious of the snake
Be sure not to miss,
Who is real and who is fake.

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