Submitting on The Minds Journal

The Minds Journal is a platform which started online publishing in the year 2015 and since then has been a global success among writers and readers focusing on content related to self development, relationships and human psychology.


We attract 1.5 million readers from across the world on our website daily with a huge social following on Social Media Networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube.


Submitting on our Readers Blog

Our readers are our Writers!


If you are an aspiring writer and wish to get your work to be featured and seen by millions of viewers, this is the right place for you. We at The Minds Journal believe it is our thoughts that create our reality, and what better if we can share them with different minds, to help express, assess, and rethink, to help promote a more mindful living.


We invite our readers to submit their work in the form of Articles/ Quotes/ Poetry and Videos that are centered around human psychology and promote a mindful Living.


Please note that by Submiting in Our Readers Blog you also agree to our General Terms and Conditions and Our Submissions Terms and Conditions.

Submitting in The Journal – EXPERTS

Our Journal is the Section where we feature articles and poems from Expert Authors around the world who are Certified Professionals in their Topic Areas.


For your work to be selected and Published in our Journal Category, it must fulfill the following criterias


  1. It should provide Credible and Authentic Information
  2. Published with adequate sources and study Links
  3. It should give clear instructions and actionable tips
  4. Should have a Minimum Word count of 500 words to a maximum of 3000 words


If your work is selected to be featured in our Journal Section,


We will be sharing your post in our different social media Networks which have millions of followers and subscribers from across the world.


As a policy we allow our Expert Authors to add a CTA (Call To Action) at the end of each work submitted by them. This call to action can be a call to our readers to follow an authors work, or to subscribe to their website, coaching programs or Promote their book/podcast/video in not more than 200 words.


We encourage our Expert Authors to submit New and Exclusive work on our website, however if your submission was previously published anywhere, we will republish it with the following attribution line: “Originally published on [LINK TO ORIGINAL].”


You may also give us permission to Syndicate/republish a particular article or all blogs in your blog/website.


Your Authors Profile will be displayed at the end of all your posts with us. As such we suggest that you update your Authors Bio, and all other details about you and your Work, and all your social media links in your Authors Profile, so that our readers may be able to know about you and your work and may choose to visit/enrol/subscribe to your website and more of your works too.


Please note that by Submitting in Our Journal or Agreeing to Syndicate/Republish Your Work in our Journal you also agree to our General Terms and Conditions and Our Submissions Terms and Conditions.

Submitting a Sponsored Post/ Guest Post

We do allow Sponsored and Guest Post Opportunities on our website, however the content to be published should be related to our general theme.


It should be a new content, written nicely with no grammatical errors in it.


Please note, we don’t accept content or links that discuss prescription medications, Cannabis (CBD), tobacco, vaping, gambling products, adult content, dating sites, sex toys or posts that include sexual language. We also will not accept any post which can be construed as giving medical advice or promoting an activity that’s known to be illegal.


Payments are made in advance. Once a Guest Post is published, no refunds will be given.


All submissions are governed by the company’s general Submission Terms and Conditions


Posts may be edited to fit our guidelines.


If you accept all the above, kindly send an email with Subject ‘SPONSORED POST’ at [email protected] along with your Article Pitch and Link Sponsored Link url and one of our Editors will get back to you.



Submission Terms and Conditions


When you choose to submit on our website, you are agreeing to our General Terms and Conditions and also our Submissions Terms and Conditions.


  1. Any content submitted by you (article/quote/thought/video) is your original work and doesn’t infringe anyone’s Copyright.
  2. By submitting with us, you retain ownership of your work, and you give us the Right to Publish your content on our website with credit to you.
  3. By accepting our terms and conditions you acknowledge and grant permission to have your work re-published with us.
  4. We retain the rights to share and redistribute and republish/ Syndicate your work published with us in all our social media networks/ channels, partner channels and partner websites.
  5. You may submit previously published work, but you must include all appropriate credits and links back to the original.
  6. We can make minor changes and edit your work without prior approval by you, as we may deem fit to make it more SEO friendly, to omit grammatical errors and to make it more fit for our readers.
  7. Once we have published your submission, WE WILL NOT REMOVE IT. However if our editors feel that the post is not relevant, they may remove it anytime, according to their decision.
  8. We do not allow Link Placement and self promotion within an article, however if you wish to add a link you can visit our Sponsored posts Section.


Submission Tips


  1. The topic of your article/post should fit our website, it can be anything related to Human psychology which should promote mindful living.
  2. It must be original
  3. Your post should have an ideal word count of 500 words to 1200 words approx..
  4. Make your Content SEO Friendly. This helps more and more readers view your post when they search for something on the Internet.
  5. Your story should be thought provoking/ informative or inspiring. It should have a message a good action plan with it.