What’s One Thing To Love About Each Sign

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What’s one thing to love about each sign:
Aries: They’ll do anything to defend you.
Taurus: 2am and you’re crying? They’ll be there for you.
Gemini: Bored? They wont let you.
Cancer: Want to know if someone loves you? That’s them.
Leo: They’ll give you the gift of loving yourself.
Virgo: They give the BEST advice.
Libra: You’ll learn how to sacrifice without sacrificing too much.
Scorpio: If you think life is shallow , then you’ve never met a Scorpio.
Sagittarius: Been dreaming of far off places? Let them take you
Capricorn: Hard work can be fun, let them show you.
Aquarius: Want to know what REAL love is? Aquarius
Pisces: They will understand you.

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